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Roll For Combat

Eldamon Battles Season 1: Fire & Ice (PREORDER)

Eldamon Battles Season 1: Fire & Ice (PREORDER)

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The Eldamon Battles card game is a fast-paced game of cleverness, skill, and guessing your opponent's decisions, designed to mirror a D&D or Pathfinder eldamon duel but run faster and more strategically in about 5 to 10 minutes. 

Eldamon Battles isn't about luck of the draw. If you buy the set, you get every card you need and don't have to chase rares -- you start with all your cards available to play. To win, you need to guess what your opponent is going to do and play your cards in the right order with good timing to eke out an advantage. You can even play solo by facing off against an opponent who shuffles the cards and plays them at random! 

Each set gives you eldamon from two different elements, the cards for those elements' abilities, and some universal abilities you can use with any eldamon. You can use the quick play suggested ability sets for a fast 1-on-1 game in the middle of the session, or mix and match to create a versatile team and engage in a longer battle with multiple eldamon!

Eldamon Battles non-collectible card game features: 

  • A standalone game that can be played in multiple ways and with multiple people
  • Play a quick, fun game that can be completed in 5-10 minutes
  • Or play using the competitive tournament method to play with multiple eldamon
  • Season 1 starts in 2023 with Fire & Ice
  • Throughout 2023 five core decks will be released, each deck focusing on two elemental powers and including multiple eldamon reflecting these elements
  • One deck has enough cards for two players, or you can mix and match decks to create a unique eldamon battles lineup            
  • Eldamon Battles will also work directly with Battlezoo Eldamon and allow Eldamon Trainer to utilize the deck when utilizing their eldamon powers
  • By pledging for the Eldamon Battles card game, you will automatically be invited into the private playtest! 

Check out our demo of the card game!

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