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Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Legends PDF & Foundry VTT

Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Legends PDF & Foundry VTT

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RPG Edition

With Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Legends, you can play as a creature from myth, legend, and fantasy folklore! Discover the hidden story and secret powers of 13 unique monstrous ancestries!

This bundle includes the Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Legends Foundry module and PDFs. All 13 ancestries released throughout 2024 as a single Foundry VTT module, along with the PDFs. The Foundry module will continue to be updated throughout 2024 until all ancestries are released. You will also receive updated Pathbuilder JSON files if you order the Pathfinder 2e version.

You will also receive hundreds of animated tokens that you can add to your VTT of choice!

With Year of Legends, you'll get to play the following new ancestries and races in 2024:

  • January: Angel
    • Become a messenger of the heavens
    • Fall from grace and choose your own path
    • Master your divine powers
  • February: Evil Eyes
    • Become a giant eye
    • Shoot eye beams
    • Afflict foes with your accursed gaze
  • March: Sphinxes
    • Become a mythical leonine riddler
    • Discover the world's secrets and mysteries
    • Bedevil your foes with riddles
  • April: Gargoyles
    • Become a warrior of the night with the appearance of a statue
    • Disguise as an ordinary statue
    • Protect what is precious to you
  • May: Werecreatures
    • Transform into animal or hybrid form when the moon is full
    • Understand and balance your humanoid and bestial natures
    • Unlock the power of the beast within
  • June: Lamia
    • Become a lamia with a lion or snake body
    • Escape the fate of an ancient curse
    • Forge your own destiny
  • July: Giants
    • Become a larger-than-life giant
    • Grow in size as you grow in power
    • Explore the special powers of your giant heritage
  • August: Golemborn
    • Become a construct who miraculously came to life
    • Balance your biological and construct nature
    • Enhance your golem powers
  • September: Swarmblood
    • Become many as one with a swarm in your blood
    • Commune with the tiny creatures inside you
    • Transform parts of yourself into a swarm
  • October: Psychopomps
    • Become a guide of the dead
    • Battle the undead scourge
    • Maintain the cycle of souls
  • November: Cerebrophages
    • Become a symbiotic nautilus-human hybrid
    • Eat brains and gain knowledge
    • Learn psychic magic
  • December: Arboreals
    • Become a living tree
    • Grow into a powerful force of nature
    • Command nature magic
  • December: Devils
    • Become a hellspawn
    • Destroy your contract and take charge of your future
    • Embrace, reject, or exploit your diabolic powers!

Explore an entire Year of Legends throughout all of 2024:

  • One new ancestry or race will be released each month throughout all of 2024, with two in December!
  • Each ancestry or race is designed to provide a unique playable monster for any D&DE 5E or Pathfinder 2e game.
  • Automatically includes the Foundry VTT module for D&D 5E or Pathfinder 2e that automatically updates every month along with the newly released ancestry or race.
  • Includes all digital assets for each ancestry to use however you wish.
  • For those who purchase the Pathfinder edition, you'll also receive each ancestry for import into Pathbuilder 2e to allow you to easily create your PF2 characters!
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