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Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Monsters PDF & Foundry VTT

Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Monsters PDF & Foundry VTT

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RPG Edition

Year of Monsters, 12 New Playable Monsters in 2023

From the mind of Pathfinder 2nd edition co-creator Mark Seifter, who brought you playable dragons and playable dungeons in the previous Battlezoo Ancestries volumes, Year of Monsters delivers a new and unusual monster ancestry each month for a full year, for 12 in total, plus a compilation book at the end with additional bonus content that you can get in touch and help decide!

This bundle includes the Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Monsters PDF book, all 13 PDFs released throughout 2023, and the Foundry VTT module!

With Year of Monsters, you'll get to play the following new ancestries/races in 2023:

  •  Demons (out now!): Formed of sin, demons are usually doomed to an eternity of evil. But demons who turn their back on their abyssal power source can forge their own destinies. You might call yourself redeemed, or you might find that term demeaning and choose your own path, even if it leads you back to evil.
  • Doppelgangers (out now!): Little sows distrust in a group more than the hint of a doppelganger's presence, but some doppelgangers defy the expectation of sociopathic shapeshifters. You might seek to understand and forge your own identity, and perhaps even to get the world to recognize it... or you could be just another sociopathic shapeshifter. The choice is yours.
  • Dungeons Expanded (out now!): Play as a dungeon! No, really. Your extradimensional dungeon's core manifests an avatar who can go adventure, or enter your inner dungeon to learn secrets and unlock new power.
  • Gremlins (coming later 2023): Mischievous tinkerers specialized in traps, tricks, and bad luck, gremlins are usually malicious fey. Those who seek to buck the trend and become adventurers can put their talents to use wreaking havoc on their foes.
  • Intelligent Weapons (coming later 2023): You're an intelligent weapon, and life is good. Using one of several methods, you've managed to get yourself a body, and now you can go on adventures just like you always planned!
  • Oni (coming later 2023): Ancient kami who fail to protect their ward, whether through negligence or simple bad luck, are punished horrifically with a tantalizing eternity of watching with the world out of reach. Those who reject their torment can form new bodies and become oni, typically under the patronage of evil forces who seek to bind the new oni to a life of selfish pleasure. But what if you reject that too and choose your own destiny?
  • Mimic (out now!): Some mimics dream of something more than sitting around in a dungeon pretending to be a chest until someone gets greedy. Pursue your dreams as a mimic adventurer! You can always go back to chest mimicry as a fallback career.
  • Minotaurs (out now!): Bull-headed humanoids with natural cunning and a way of navigating labyrinthine problems, minotaurs defy society's expectations. Different minotaur heritages allow you to potentially start as a Medium or Large character.
  • Nymphs (out now!): Fey embodiments of the beauty of natural places, nymphs are often tied to a particular natural feature, like a dryad to their tree. For one of a number of reasons, you've severed that link and survived, now free to wander the world instead of bound to one place.
  • Sidhe (out now!): Sidhe are the hidden nobility of the fey, typically living in secret settlements deep in the faerie realm and rarely deigning to visit the realm of mortals. You have defied your society's expectations and ventured out to the mortal world, a strange place where logic works differently than you expect.
  • Slimes (out now!): Slimes are oozes who develop a nucleus capable of adapting new special abilities. For your slime, those abilities included sapience, allowing you to grow and learn, as well as form a vaguely humanoid body when necessary.
  • Stheno (out now!): Stheno are a newly-formed ancestry of snake-haired medusakin, created by a benevolent goddess's grace. With some members of the first generation of sthenos still alive today, sthenos represent a different roleplaying experience than most ancestries, as they're still trying to carve out their cultural identity.

Explore an entire Year of Monsters throughout all of 2023:

  • One new ancestry/race will be released each month throughout all of 2023.
  • Each ancestry/race is designed to provide a unique playable monster for any D&DE 5E or Pathfinder 2e game. 
  • At the end of the year, the Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Monsters Compilation book will be released, containing all the previous entries, plus more!
  • Automatically includes the Foundry VTT module for D&D 5E or Pathfinder 2e that automatically updates every month along with the newly released ancestry/race.
  • Includes all digital assets for each ancestry to use however you wish.
  • For those who purchase the Pathfinder edition, you'll also receive each ancestry for import into Pathbuilder 2e to allow you to easily create your PF2 characters!
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